Monument Park, Photo by Sanam Arab

My approach to issues comes from my training as a librarian and archivist: to learn from all experts in that field, study the history of the issue in our town, and speak with residents to learn about their perspective and the impact of the issue on them. Knowing that there are multiple angles to any circumstance, a comprehensive yet moderate approach is what I strive for.

Below see the issues I am currently working on as your Councilmember and I would love to work on in the next Council with your support.

Fire Station

Fire Station has been one of the main topic on this Council’s agenda. Council voted in August to add a ballot proposal for November General Election asking for an amount not to exceed 2 mils or 8.4 million to dedicate to our Fire Station/Service. At the following meeting, I added an agenda item to continue the conversation about plans. We have two options to consider: building a new station or renovating the current station. This mileage will allow us to consider the two options more closely and have the flexibility of selecting one that will be the best for our town and the Fire Service. In the next few weeks, I will be representing the Council in the meetings with Partners in Architecture updating the plans for the two options. I will be more than happy to talk and discuss my thoughts and approach.

Photo by Dexter Area Fire Department

Accessibility & Quality of Life

Accessibility, ADA compliancy and providing quality of life for all our residents is near and dear to my heart. So far, I have added items to Council’s discussion regarding accessible parking in our town and have strongly supported an ADA audit of our parks. Both those with mobility needs and our seniors can benefit from these measure and it will ensure their quality of life in our town.

Promoting Our Community

The strength of our community comes from all of us working together for its betterment. Our residents, Mayor and Councilmembers, and our City Staff come together on a daily basis to make our town a better place. As a Councilmember, I will promote and bring our community together. Right before joining the Council, I am proud to have started our Bicentennial Committee (operating under the Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee) bringing many groups and organizations in our Community to plan our City’s Bicentennial in 2024. I am also very passionate regarding the work of our City Staff who day in and out ensure the operation of our City and our safety and comfort.

Sustainable Growth

Growth of our City is an issue and concern for many of our residents. Washtenaw County is growing and with that Dexter will also grow. What makes us proud about our town, is also what attracts people to move to our City. I believe that our growth has to be sustainable without putting undue burden on our current infrastructure and current residents. We need proper planning for housing and infrastructure expansion before considering that growth.

At the end of the day, at the end of the week, at the end of my life, I want to say I contributed more than I criticized.

— Brené Brown

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